Mockplus 3.5

Designs mockups of digital applications
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Create and customize prototypes of various kinds of software compatible with multiple platforms such as Android OS, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, even Web-based platforms. The suite features drag-in/drop-in editing, HTML preview for projects, multiple templates, etc.

With Mockplus you won’t need any knowledge of coding to be able to prototype full apps for smartphones. Its extensive and impressive list of icons, buttons, shapes, and other components, together with its support for the drag-and-drop technique, make prototyping not only intuitive but easy to perform for all types of UX/UI designers and developers.

This code-free prototyping tool comes with all the iOS and Android components you need (nearly 200) to start designing your app. All you need to do is have a clear idea in your mind of what and how you want the app to perform. Mockplus offers you interaction components (pop-up menus, alert windows, scroll boxes, etc.), extension components (checkboxes, combo boxes, menus, buttons, lists, radio buttons, sliders, menu bars, etc.), layout components (splitters, field sets, page controls, windows, browsers, etc.), mobile components (table views, tab bars, text fields, switches, spinners, status bars, etc.), static components (video players, avatars, QR codes, chart pies, etc.), and mark-up components (sticky notes, arrows, callouts, graffiti, etc.), all fully designed, ready for you to incorporate into your design and customize at will in terms of fonts, colors, sizes, etc.

All of these components, together with the more than 3,000 icons provided, can be simply dragged and dropped onto your prototype using your mouse. You can add as many pages or screens as required in the prototype, which will be permanently listed for you on a useful navigation guide. You can then make all the connections and links among the different components and the screens just by clicking on the object’s button link and dragging it to the page or the action that you want it to go to or perform, respectively.

You can preview the entire prototype in a snap. It won’t simply show you all the screens or pages you’ve designed, but will also let you check if all the components work properly and if all the links and connections you created take you to the right place and perform the intended action. It is like having your app fully coded and working on your desktop.

These are the basics about how Mockplus works. Once you put your hands on it and start fiddling with all the features and components it offers, you will appreciate how easy is to design your own mobile app without needing to be a professional coder or IT engineer, and without having to design your own buttons, windows, and sliders – just make the ones the program offers look just like you want them. An excellent design tool that I couldn’t recommend more.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Highly intuitive interface
  • No knowledge of coding required
  • Extensive list of objects, shapes, icons, and other components
  • WYSIWYG prototyping
  • Fast and faithful preview
  • Easy to learn


  • No drawbacks found during the review
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